M.J. Khan Launches TV Ad In Race For City Controller

On Monday, the M.J. Khan for City Controller Campaign launched its first television ad, and if you believe the message, there are a lot of  voters across Houston who really want  Khan to be the next controller.

The title of the ad is, “I Want M.J. Khan.”

According to a news release sent to 2 On The Beat, the ad is designed to “highlight how council member Khan will bring fiscal responsibility to the controller’s office and how he has established a strong record of fiscal management while on city council.”

It also has a lot of people featured in the ad saying, “I want M.J. Khan.”

“I believe that this ad will aid to inform voters about my record of fiscal management, as well as my experience and qualifications to lead Houston through these touch economic times,” said Khan in the release.

Late Monday I spoke with Andre Castro, Khan’s campaign manager. He told me that the campaign bought time on  all local network stations and some cable stations. Khan should have a heavy television presence leading up to early voting and election day.

Last week controller candidate Pam Holm announced that she was releasing a TV ad.

When I saw her last Thursday she indicated that her campaign had not purchased any time on local television stations, but that the ad was available on her campaign website, youtube and facebook.  I’m not sure if anything has changed since our last conversation.

Meanwhile, the third candidate in the controller’s race is  city council member Ronald Green.  His campaign spokesman told me that Green has no immediate plans to go up on television between now and election day.

Green was just endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, and has a history of running and winning elections citywide.

Will the lack of  paid television commercials hurt Green . as his two major opponents rely on the airwaves to help spread their messages?

The controller’s race has been very low key, but as we move closer to early voting more people are beginning to pay attention and choose a candidate.

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