Gene Locke – The Coalition Candidate?

Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke has called himself the candidate with the broadest coalition of support.

On the first day of   early voting,  his campaign has issued a list of  Harris County Republicans who are supporting Locke for Mayor.

Locke has won support from downtown to inner city neighborhoods.  The wealthy, middle class, and lower income.

 I guess,  Locke can say his is also the candidate of many democrats and many republicans.

Officially, city of  Houston elections are non partisan, but if   republicans want to have a vote in picking the city’s next leader, they have to get behind one of the candidates.  It looks like Locke is their choice.

(The news release follows)

KEY REPUBLICANS SPEAK OUT IN SUPPORT OF GENE LOCKE FOR MAYORHouston,Tx– Republican leaders today joined together to announce their support of Gene Locke for Mayor of Houston and the formation of “Republicans for Locke.”

The group includes elected officials, former elected officials, civic, and business leaders who believe in Gene’s vision and ability to build an even better Houston.

“I support and will be voting for Gene Locke because he is a man of faith who will bring to City Hall his integrity and strong work ethic,” said retired jurist, Judge Paul Pressler, Texas 14th Court of Appeals.

“Gene Locke is a leader. Gene Locke is honest. Period. An honest leader- -I’ve known him for twenty years and he has always possessed the qualities I want in the leader of our city,” said Ambassador Chase Untermeyer.

Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman said, “Democrat Gene Locke has helped Republican Beverly Kaufman many times in the performance of my duties. That’s the kind of man he is- -colorblind when problems need solving. He will be that way as Mayor of Houston.”

“I am proud to have Republicans among my ‘Coalition to Win.’ I am especially proud to have such diverse support- -from the east side to the west side, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, business and labor. My campaign is for all of Houston,” Locke said. “I have a history of bringing together people with varying agendas to find common ground and get things done. This is the kind of leadership I will provide as Mayor of this great city.”

“We want our six children to have the same opportunities we had growing up in Houston- -a healthy business climate and job opportunities- -so they can also own a home and be safe in their neighborhoods. Gene Locke can make that happen. That’s why we are voting for Gene Locke,” explained Penny and John Butler, Republican National Committeewoman and Party Finance Chairman, respectively.

“Gene Locke is a leader. Gene Locke is honest. Period. An honest leader- -I’ve known him for twenty years and he has always possessed the qualities I want in the leader of our city,” said Ambassador Chase Untermeyer.

Following is a partial list of Republicans for Locke:
Judge Paul Pressler
Penny and John Butler
Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman
Ambassador Chase Untermeyer
Ned Holmes
Dana Kervin
Willie Alexander
The C Club of Houston
Kendall Miller, President of The C Club
State Representative Jim Murphy
Mica Mosbacher
Mary Jane Smith
Former Councilmember Burt Keller
Former Councilmember John Kelley
State Representative Beverly Wooley
Honorable Jack Rains
Jacob Monty
John O’Neil Louis and Mary Ann Macey
Diane and Jack Webb
Bert and Judith Ellis
Ralph Fite
Suzanne Testa
Sonia Soto
Frank and Carmen Nadolney
Randy Sinclair
Burt Keller
Herb Butrum

3 Responses

  1. […] trailing all three of his opponents; I’m going to guess the timing of his release in which he touts the support of numerous GOP bigwigs isn’t coincidental. Locke did lead among African-American voters, but not by much over Brown, […]

  2. The travesty of Republicans endorsing Dem and Obama flunky Gene Locke for mayor, especially when there IS A CONSERVATIVE in the race! Outrage!! Every single one of them should keep quiet about Obama, Dems, socialism, or the financial difficulties this city is about to go deeper into with the fiscally-irresponsible policies spoken of by Mr. Locke.

    What’s there disenchantment with Mr. Morales? He’s not “pretty” enough? He is “eloquent” enough? I would think after the 2008 election and the current performance of Mr. Obama, “right-thinking” Republicans would be tired of “charisma” and support someone of their political cloth.

    And we wonder why the Harris County GOP is lost at sea?

  3. If this is a partial list, I’d like to see the ENTIRE list! I’d bet there would be a few more surprises. Shocking!

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