The Mayoral Candidates on The First Day Of Early Voting

Monday,  October 19, is the first day of  early voting and two of the top four Mayoral candidates wasted no time getting to an early voting location on West Gray.

The  candidates say they plan to win on election day November 3rd, but in reality, they know they are battling to make the runoff  race.

gene locke early votesannise early votes

First up was city controller/mayoral candidate Annise Parker.  

A poll conducted by the Houston Chronicle  and released over the weekend,  shows Parker running a close second to city council member Peter Brown and slightly ahead of   attorney Gene Locke.

After six years on council and six years as controller, the city hall insider is campaigning on a message of being the only candidate who will be ready to lead from the first day in office.

Houston attorney  Gene Locke voted later in the  morning.

 Surrounded by his family and supporters, Locke talked about his ideas to lead Houston during this time of financial uncertainly.  Locke believes he has more momentum than the poll results indicate, and he says he will have a broad coalition of  supporters working to get him elected. Locke has received the endorsement of the Houston Police Officers Union, The Houston Firefighters Association and this morning released a list of  prominent republicans who are backing his campaign. 

Meanwhile, city council member/mayoral candidate Peter Brown does not plan to vote early today. His campaign manager told 2 on the Beat that Brown will vote on October 30, the final day of early voting.

peter brown early vote

Brown is working the phones at his campaign office.  He’s calling supporters and donors , and urging  them to vote early. 

Brown, who has poured more than $2 million of his own money into the race, is leading the mayoral poll  conducted by the Houston Chronicle. 

With his financial advantage, Brown has been able to saturate both the television and radio airwaves with a message that seems to be resonating with a cross section of  voters. In fact, Brown has released a fifth campaign television ad that focuses on his, “business experience and commitment to efficient, fiscally responsible government,” according to a news release.

The architect says he wants to build a better Houston, if elected mayor.

I have not heard from Houston Mayoral candidate Roy Morales, who calls himself the only true conservative in the race.  I will update you as soon as I get some information.

(Also, I  should credit KPRC Local 2 anchor Rachel McNeill and photographer Damon Sales for the pictures. I’m off today – enjoying my birthday, but I do plan to vote!)

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