Houston Planned Parenthood

joan walsh

Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas Action Fund hosted its annual meeting and luncheon featuring guest speaker Joan Walsh, editor of Salon.com.

During the event, Walsh touched on everything from health care reform to the state of the media (“we get the media we deserve”)

The event raised more than $50 thousand, and will be used for programs associated with providing affordable health care to both men and women.

PPH  plans to open a new health center at 4600 Gulf Freeway (Cullen exit) in February. 

CEO Peter Durkin says the new facility will provide better security for clients, an expanded call center, a research lab and expanded services.

One Response

  1. sorry I missed saying hi – I headed your way, stopped to talk to Kuffner, got distracted, and muddled around. I did think Joan Walsh was awesome – her points about needing all kinds of media was significant – from the New York Times to media blogging to citizen journalism. We need to find a mix that not only works, but engages the next generation.

    Looking forward to the new Planned Parenthood building on the Gulf Freeway! Yepperee, it will have great security!

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