Ministers For Locke

The Gene Locke campaign has released a list of ministers and faith-based organizations that are supporting Locke for Mayor of Houston. 

 (The entire release is posted below)

Apparently the campaign held a minister’s breakfast on Thursday, for the various leaders and groups to show their support.  I’m surprised they didn’t invite the media to the event, but the announcement comes at the right time for Locke,  who seems to be struggling to hold together the kind of  coalition he needs to make it into the runoff.

According to poll results in the Houston Chronicle, Mayoral Candidate Peter Brown is gaining strong support in the African-American community.  The candidate who can combine a strong turnout on the westside, with strong support in the African-American community has the best chance of  finishing first or second on election day.

Several of the ministers listed below told me they will work hard to make sure Locke is elected.

 And while they plan to keep politics out of the pulpit, they will encourage some of their members to consider voting and volunteering for Locke. 

Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell said that Locke has a history of  fighting for economic development and civil rights for all people in Houston.  According to Pastor Caldwell, Locke is the kind of man who works hard to help others, but doesn’t spend a lot of time boasting about his record or achievement. 

In most cases that is a good quality in a person, but when it comes to running a succesful campaign for mayor, Gene Locke needs to start speaking up if he wants to win. 

Nearly 100 Members of the Clergy Throw Their Support Behind Locke

Houston, TX – The Gene Locke campaign today released their list of ministers and ministerial organizations that have endorsed him for mayor. This is in addition to the many community organizations and elected officials who have previously endorsed Locke.

The campaign held a minister’s breakfast on Thursday, October 22, 2009 that drew over 60 of the ministers who are supporting Locke. This was one of several breakfasts the campaign has held with members of the clergy since Locke entered the race for mayor.

“It is important that we get behind Gene Locke as our candidate for Mayor. It is imperative that we inform our families and friends of this committed and visionary leader,” said Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, Windsor Village United Methodist Church.

“As Gene Locke’s pastor, I know him to be a man of integrity and faith.  I also know he has the intellect, vision and broad experience necessary to make Houston an even greater city,” said Dr. Marcus D. Cosby, Sr. Pastor of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church. “Gene Locke is the best person to lead our city and we need to do everything we can to make sure our parishioners go to the polls and vote for him.”

“I have always said there is nothing more important to me than faith and family. These are the values I will bring to City Hall and I feel honored and blessed to have so many from the faith community who are putting their faith and trust in me,” said Locke at the breakfast. “I am excited that I have been able to bring together a such diverse group of supporters from every corner of the city. I look forward to doing the same as mayor.”

Locke is the only mayoral candidate who has endorsements from business, labor, Houston police and firefighters, Democrats, Independents, Republicans and the Houston Chronicle.

Below is a list of ministers, organizations and African American elected officials who have endorsed Locke for Mayor.

Rev. Lionel Aaron
Bishop David Allen Sr
Rev. Albert Baker
Rev. Ida Baker
Rev. Leonard Barksdale
Rev. Vernon Bell, Jr.
Rev. Elaine Benson
Rev. Donald E. Booker
Rev. Gusta Booker, Jr.
Rev. Melvin Braford
Rev. Ruben Brazille
Rev. O.B. Winkley
Rev. Carl L. Brock
Bishop P.E. Bryant Sr.
Rev. Kevin Bullock
Rev. Andrew Burks
Rev. Charles Butler, Jr.
Rev. Don Caggins
Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell
Rev. James Carrington
Rev. Harvey Clemons, Jr.
Rev. Myron Cloyd
Rev. Dennis D. Collins
Rev. Samuel Compton
Rev. Marcus Cosby
Rev. Walter Cosby
Rev. Joe Dancy
Rev. Roderick Dawson
Rev. Reginald De Vaughn
Rev. Taylor Dimes
Rev. Leonard Favorite
Rev. Michael Felder
Rev. Louise Fordham
Rev. John C. Gibbs
Rev. L.E. Gibbs
Rev. Joe Ratliff
Rev. Remus Wright
Rev. Paul Giddings
Rev. S.J. Gilbert, Jr.
Rev. Julius Glass
Rev. James Earl Glenn
Rev. Robert Green
Rev. Leo Griffin
Rev. Hunt Harris
Rev. Ricky Bell
Rev. Joyce Hill
Rev. E.D. Hodge
Rev. Willie Hunter
Rev. Leon Jackson
Rev. Robert C. Jefferson
Rev. Manson B. Johnson
Rev. Rhenel Johnson
Rev. Willie Jordan
Bishop Rufus Kyles, Jr.
Rev. Royce Lemon
Rev. Kenneth Levinston
Rev. James Lightfoot
Rev. James Lovelady
Rev. Darrell Luckett
Rev. Ernest Mcgowen, Sr.
Rev. Carl Melton
Elder W. J. Collins
Rev. Bobby Morgan
Rev. Tremail Prudhomme
Rev. Brenda Perry
Rev. Gwen Pierre
Rev. Raymond Robinson
Rev. Eddie Reed, Jr.
Rev. Linda Robinson
Rev. Hermann Reese
Rev. Raymond Robinson
Rev. Jo Anne Valley Rush
Rev. R. L. Thompson
Rev, Clethous Montgomery
Rev. Terry Anderson
Rev. Ricky Williams
Bishop Floyd Lewis
Bishop Delegrantiss
Rev. Cleothus Montgomery
Rev. Carl Matthews
Rev. Robert Mckinley Gilmore, Sr.
Rev. J.C. Nickerson
Bishop Hewitt Richardson
Rev. Asa Sampson
Rev. L.C. Sidley
Bishop J.W. Smith
Rev. Ronnie Sneed
Rev. Robert Staggers
Rev. Herbert Strohman
Rev. Kirk Thompson
Rev. Randall Tucker
Rev. Oscar E. Walker
Rev. Romanuel Washington
Rev. Howard Watson, Sr.
Rev. Gary Watson
Rev D. J. Watson
Rev. Larry E. Williams
Dr. Michael P. Williams
Bishop J. Douglas Wiley

Elected Officials

U.S. Rep. Al Green State Representative Harold Dutton State Sen. Rodney Ellis
County Commissioner El Franco Lee
State Representative Senfronia Thompson
Constable May Walker


Houston Black American Democrats
Teamsters Local Union No. 98
Afro-American Sheriff’s Deputy League
Independent Electrical Contractors Association Texas Gulf Coast Chapter
United Steelworkers Local Union 13-1
United Food & Commercial Workers Union
African American Police Officers League
Houston Metropolitan
Pleasantville Voter’s League
International Longshoreman Association
African Coalition PAC
Harris County Council of Organizations
Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce PAC
Harris County AFL-CIO
Houston Hispanic Fire Fighter Caucus Local 341
Communications Workers of America Local 6222
Harris Councy Tejano Democrats
IBEW Local 66
Texas Carpenters Millwrights Regional Council Local 551
Houston 80-20 Asian American PAC
Latino Labor Leadership Council
Northeast Harris County Ministers Alliance


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