State Rep. Garnet Coleman Endorses Annise Parker For Mayor

(this is a copy of a news release that the Parker campaign sent to 2 On The Beat)


Houston, TX – In the latest in a series of key endorsements, Texas State Representative Garnet Coleman announced his support for Annise Parker for Mayor. Garnet Coleman
“Annise Parker has the experience and vision we need to get us through these tough times,” said Coleman. “I’m supporting Annise Parker because she believes in fairness – and for the last 12 years has proven that when we call on her, she’s there for us.”

Parker said, “I am blessed to have a friend like Garnet Coleman – who works so hard for all of us. And I am especially honored by his support for my campaign.”


Coleman’s support comes on the heels of an impressive string of endorsements from a broad-based coalition of organizations and individuals. Coleman joins the tens of thousands of Houstonians supporting Annise Parker, including former State Representative and Candidate for U.S. Senate Rick Noriega, State Representatives Ellen Cohen, Jessica Farrar and Scott Hochberg, Harris County Board of Education Trustee Jim Henley, the Houston Chronicle, Semana News, Que Onda Magazine, African American News & Issues, Annie’s List, EMILY’s List, the Harris County Democrats and the Harris County Young Democrats, the Houston Federation of Teachers, the Houston Police Patrolmen’s Union, Houston Metro Police, the Harris County Afro-American Sherrif’s Deputy League, HOPE Local 123, SEIU Local 1, UNITE HERE Local 25, the Harris County AFL-CIO Council, Seafarers International Union, Plumbers Local Union No. 68, Houstonians for Responsible Growth, Houston GLBTPC PAC and a multitude of local political bloggers, to name a few. A full list of endorsements can be found at
Representative Coleman has served the Houston area in the Texas House of Representatives since 1991, and has built a substantial body of accomplishments at the national, state and local levels of government. His leadership is known and respected throughout Houston and his endorsement will carry substantial influence.
“Annise has strong ideas about creating jobs and making our neighborhoods safer,” said Coleman. “These choices are never easy, and I have more than one good friend in this race. I have been a longtime supporter and friend of Annise Parker. I gave my support to Annise a little less than two years ago, because of her qualifications. Please join me in voting for my good friend Annise Parker for Mayor.”
 As Houston City Controller, Annise Parker directs Houston’s financial investments and manages billions of tax dollars.  Her independent audits of city departments and programs have rooted out waste and saved the city money that can be used for priorities such as police, after-school programs and economic development.  A businesswoman and neighborhood leader, Parker served on City Council for six years.  She spent 20 years in the oil and gas industry before entering public service.

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