Immigration Enforcement Plan 287(g) Gets Thumbs Up From Sheriff Garcia

2 On The Beat has learned tonight that Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia will urge  county leaders  to continue the controversial 287(g) immigration enforcement program inside the county jails.

On Tuesday morning, for the first time since winning the election, Sheriff Garcia will speak  publicly to County Judge Ed Emmett and members of the commissioners court about 287(g).

You can also expect to hear a fiery debate. I’ve learned that several members of  the public have also signed up to speak.

Sources tell me that the Sheriff will say that he believes the program is working.  

You may recall that last year several county employees completed the 287(g) ICE enforcement training.

Under the program, the trained   sheriffs deputies  ask questions and run fingerprints of  any inmates suspected of  being in the country illegally. 

 If a probable cause is established, the county will contact immigration officials, and eventually a federal judge will decide if the inmate should be deported.

The Sheriff’s recommendation is likely to come under greater scrutiny after Houston Mayor Bill White announced last week that Houston would no longer consider participating in the 287(g) program.

Several conservative members of  the Houston City Council have called a special meeting for this Wednesday to force a vote on the issue.

Meanwhile, activists in the Latino community say that 287(g) is equivalent to racial profiling, makes people afraid to report crimes to police and divides families, when a loved one is deported.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens at commissioners court.

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