Police Officers Union Targets Voters For Gene Locke

The Houston Police Officers Union has endorsed Gene Locke for Mayor, and now it is sending nearly ninety  thousand direct mail pieces to voters in hopes of boosting Locke’s chances on election day.

locke flier 2locke flier 1

The flyers tout Locke as the only candidate who has a strong  plan for public safety issues in the city of  Houston.

HPOU executive director Mark Clark told me that the mail pieces are aimed at independent and republican voters.

The two page mail piece that  you  see here is already hitting mailboxes throughout the city of  Houston, but HPOU has plans to send a second piece before election day.

At this point, Locke is fighting to  make the runoff.   No candidate is predicted to win it all on election day.

Every vote counts, and it never hurts to be known as the candidate that  police officers believe is the strongest on public safety issues.

Locke has also been endorsed by the Houston Professional Firefighters Association.

2 Responses

  1. Worst picture of a candidate in City election history.

  2. Are they also getting something out of endorsing Gene like the Metro board members are?

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