Former Congressman Lampson Making Calls For Peter Brown

I was a little surprised to read that former U.S. Congressman Nick Lampson is getting involved in the race for Mayor of  Houston.

Congressman Nick Lampson phone banking 
(photo courtesy of the Brown campaign)

According to a news release sent out by the Peter Brown for Mayor campaign, Lampson stopped by Brown’s campaign headquarters Tuesday night to take part in a phone banking push for Brown.

What’s the  connection between Brown and Lampson?

I’m not sure how far back their relationship goes,  but I know that one of   Brown’s campaign staffers, Mike Malaise, also worked on several congressional campaigns for Lampson. 

You may recall that Lampson was defeated last November by Republican Pete Olson in the race to replace Tom Delay in the 22nd Congressional district.

Anyway, Lampson is well-respected by liberal democrats, and his phone calls could help Brown shore up  support in that area.

Lampson was quoted in the news release saying,  “It was great to be here tonight, speaking  with Houstonians about Peter and his vision for an even better Houston, with real solutions to make all areas in our city safer and to grow the economy.  I’m confident that Peter will be a good mayor for Houston and I’m proud to support him.”

3 Responses

  1. WHOA!!!!!!

    “Anyway, Lampson is well-respected by liberal democrats…”

    I like Nick. He is a great individual and friend, but he is a Blue Dog Democrat. Liberals do not like blue dogs. Neither do Republicans no matter how conservative you are.

    Look what happened in CD22. He got beat by a rookie who cant tell the difference between the moon and a bright light in a red light district, and his record of helping NASA shows it.

    I think we lost a great Congressman when he was defeated, but to say the liberals of the Democratic party respects him is a real stretch.

    Liberals are more pie in the sky type of people.

  2. Hey John,

    Maybe my transitional use of the word “anyway” bothered you. (i was up writing about five in the morning)
    Perhaps you thought it sounded like I was dismissing Lampson. I wasn’t. Nor would I dismiss any politician when I write on this blog.
    But, perception is important and I will explain why I used that wording:
    I was thinking back to how some Lampson SUPPORTERS used to describe him while he was running against Olsen.
    Their point was that Lampson could be counted on to support issues, and would not be as conservative or right wing (their words not mine) as someone like Pete Olsen. They wanted to maintain his leadership in the district, and sincerely thought he brought a fresh tone to the table.
    That’s all……with respect to the former Congressman Lampson.

    • Or maybe it was my WHOA!

      No. I didnt think you were dismissing Nick. Im not sure if this helps or hurts Brown. Nick is a Blue Dog and Democrats dont like blue dogs anymore.

      And he is a Democrat and republicans dont like Democrats.

      It’s a double edge two sided coin.


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