Holm vs. Green – Will You Tune In or Out?

City of  Houston Controller candidate Pam Holm is taking her campaign to the radio airwaves on Friday, and she’s challenged one of  her opponents to show up for a joint appearance!

 Holm plans to broadcast her political message from  the studios of   KCOH Radio, which is   located in Houston’s third-ward.

According to her media alert, Holm will not only talk about why she thinks she should be elected controller, but she has also invited her opponent Ronald Green to join her for the last half-hour of the show.

Holm says she is giving council member Green an opportunity to explain why he the owes the IRS more than $120,000 in back taxes on his home.

Will Green show up?  I don’t know, but I’ve put in a call to him and his campaign staff   for  reaction.

City Council member M.J. Khan is also running for controller, but I guess he didn’t get an invitation to the showdown.

In the meantime, here is more information from Pam Holm campaign:


Our campaign is giving Ron Green 30 minutes of radio airtime tomorrow to explain his more than $120,000 federal income tax debt to you and to Houston voters.

Tune in tomorrow morning at 9:30 to KCOH 1430 AM and learn whether Green shows up.

Among the topics we will ask Green to clarify for voters are:

* Why didn’t he pay his income taxes completely, honestly and fairly between 2002 – 2007?

* If he is now admitting to having additional income, why hasn’t he amended his city ethics reports to clarify the source of that income?

* An independent opinion from a CPA in Houston says Green has been evading the IRS for many years. How does he justify his qualifications for city controller in light of this?

* How does he justify paying for a Cadillac Escalade, a BMW and a Mercedes while owing the IRS more than $120,000?

* How does he justify remodeling his home but not paying his overdue income taxes?

* How does Green expect voters to trust him with taxpayer dollars?

* How does he square his campaign claims to have “strong grounding in financial policy” but owing the IRS more than $120,000 on unpaid income taxes?

* With his credit trouble and the IRS liens against his home, won’t taxpayers have to pay for a large liability protection plan to allow a controller with such poor financial management skills to handle their taxes and spending?

Our campaign challenges Green to come clean. If he wants to be a transparent public servant, tomorrow he can join us on the air, in studio, to set the record straight.

Feel free to call in with your questions or comments.


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