Will Peter Brown Take The Hayride To City Hall?

Does Peter Brown have a new strategy to get his  supporters to the polls?  Why in the world did his campaign put together a hayride?

“Some volunteers were really excited, and tons  of  people want to help Peter out on the campaign,” said campaign manager Lucinda Guinn. 


I find these photos both odd and funny at the same time. (I didn’t take them, but they’re  making the rounds on the internet and have been sent out by local bloggers.)

hayride 2hayride 3

What do you think?

One Response

  1. Awww. what the hay?

    Kinda strange. I mean what were his staff doing? Sitting around thinking “What can we young kids do that is wild and crazy and would get people to follow us into the streets to vote?”

    “A HAY RIDE!!!!”

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