Locke Campaign Plans Last Minute Push

It’s down to the wire for all the candidates running for Mayor of  Houston.

Like his opponents, Gene Locke is planning a last-minute push that involves get out the vote activities starting today  and leading up to the time when all of the votes are counted on election day.

Here is a list of some of the activities the Locke campaign is planning:

Dear Friends & Supporters,Election Day is TOMORROW, November 3rd: Please join us today to help Gene win!

1. Downtown Rally at Tranquility Park – 12pm, November 2
     Join Us for a City Rally supporting Gene at Tranquility Park Today!
     12:00—1:00 pm
     400 Rusk St.

2. Get Out the Vote for Gene on Election Day, November 3
     We need your friendly faces to show your support and promote Gene at
     voting locations across the city. Please call Chris Watson at 713-807-7404
     to find where you can help us educate voters and hand out pushcards.

     We’re making a strong push to call voters tonight, 6pm-9pm at 2323 Voss.
     Stop by tonight, or call Kristen Clarke now at 832-341-9930 to sign up.

3. Show your support for Gene Locke on Facebook & Twitter!
     Your endorsement can make a difference: Show your friends and followers that  you support Gene Locke for Mayor of Houston by donating your profile
     picture and avatar to the Locke for Mayor logo:
     Facebook: Click here for instructions on how to change your profile picture
     Twitter: Go to http://avartize.com/genelocke to Locke In your avatar;
     then go to our Twitter page and click on “Tweet Your Support”

We’ve worked together since the beginning of the campaign to move Houston forward and elect Gene Locke as mayor. And now more than ever, we need to let people know:

  • On public safety: The Houston Police Officers’ Union and Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association endorsed Gene, calling Gene Locke “public safety’s candidate for mayor of Houston.”
  • On his background: The Houston Realty Business Coalition endorsed Gene, stating that “during this time of economic uncertainty, Gene’s business experience and his background in local government will help lead the city, in the most efficient and practical manner.”
  • On his experience: The Houston Chronicle endorsed Gene, commending him for his “dazzling range of life experiences and public service” that has “shown the ability to get things done in making our city a better place.”

Gene Locke for Mayor: Only One
A large number of Houstonians are still undecided or unsure of which candidate to vote for. We need you to continue the work we’ve begun together to share Gene’s vision and elect him as the next mayor of Houston. Volunteer to call voters and rally voters online. Most importantly, help us keep Gene on the airwaves – DONATE TODAY!

Thank you for your dedication to helping Gene Locke become the next mayor of Houston. Join us today and tomorrow to get out the vote for Gene. Together, we can win this on November 3rd!

Our sincere appreciation,
The Gene Locke for Mayor Team

P.S. Help us tell your friends and neighbors that Gene Locke is the leader Houston needs as mayor: Please forward this message to your family, friends and neighbors!

Paid Political Advertisement by Gene Locke for Mayor
3710 Travis | Houston TX 77002 | 713 807 0602

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