Gene Locke’s Message To Supporters

After securing a spot in the runoff   election,  Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke emailed a message to his  supporters.  Thanking them for their hard work and vowing to press on to victory.






Dear Friends,


WE DID IT! Congratulations on this great victory – it belongs to all of us. I am truly grateful for all your support. Thank you for caring about Houston, and for your tremendous confidence and faith in my campaign for mayor.

Your hard work has paid off. Without your contributions and efforts to encourage your friends and neighbors to vote for me, we would not have made it here. But the final fight lies ahead of us: We must work even harder over the coming weeks to take my campaign – OUR campaign – to the next level, so that we can celebrate final victory in December.

We need to double our efforts to ensure that December will bring an even greater victory than tonight’s.  We need you to double your voter outreach and volunteer efforts. We need you to double your fundraising and contributions. We need to ramp up every effort to win this final round, so we can bring real leadership to City Hall, with a seat at the table for all Houstonians.
We still have a great challenge ahead. We need you to rise to it with us, and intensify your efforts, contributions and support. Working together, I am confident we will win for all of Houston this December.

All My Best,

Gene Locke



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