Now There’s Two – But What Will The Losers Do?

After taking a few hours to celebrate their respective victories,  Houston Mayoral candidates Gene Locke and Annise Parker are back in campaign mode.

They have two big priorities: raising more money to compete in the runoff  election, and reaching out to the two  losing mayoral candidates and their supporters.

I spoke briefly with conservative Roy Morales who won 20% of the vote.  He told me he is taking time to think about his next move.  That includes talking with his supporters to decide if  he should endorse Parker, Locke, or none  of the above.  

In the one TV commercial that Morales released before the election, he  attacked his opponents and labeled them as liberals

 How is he going to mesh his conservative principles with his former  liberal opponents?

I also spoke with Lucinda Guinn who managed Peter Brown’s campaign.  Guinn told me that Brown hasn’t made any decision.  Brown probably has more in common politically with both Locke and Parker, but remember how nasty things turned at the end?  In her final TV campaign AD, Parker accused Brown of  distorting her record and said he couldn’t be trusted.  During his final commercial, Brown accused Locke of  financial mismanagement in his role as legal counsel for the Houston Sports Authority.

Hey, that’s politics.

Don’t take it personally.

 On Wednesday, Parker and Locke said they would be happy to get an endorsement from either one, or both.



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