Latinos For Locke

Their  election day turnout has been described as disappointing by some political observers,  but Houston Mayoral candidate Gene Locke hopes he can pick up more support in the Latino community to  help him win the runoff election against Annise Parker.


On Friday, dozens of people packed into El Jardin Restaurant in Houston’s east end to attend a Latinos for Locke luncheon.

The event felt like a political campaign rally, with  Hispanic community and business leaders like Gracie Saenz and Ben Mendez , along with elected officials like State Rep. Carol Alvarado and Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino  making speeches in support of  Locke.


Several times the crowd interrupted into chants of  “Si Se Puede”  and  “We want Gene,” while the speakers talked about Locke and his “long history of  serving the community.”


“We haven’t seen his opponent in our neighborhood,” said one of the speakers.

“Join me in working hard to elect Gene Locke as our next Mayor,” said another.

Meanwhile, political consultant Marc Campos told 2 On The Beat, “I think looking at the numbers, the Latino vote is up for grabs (in the runoff).  With a close race the Latino vote could make a difference,”

3 Responses

  1. Huh? What kind of barrito is Marc eating? The Hispanic voted didnt materialize. 9% is at a crisis level. We are simply not voting and Locke doesnt have a lock on even this low turnout.

  2. […] Dems into Parker’s camp, I have my doubts about that. Maybe he can make some headway with Latinos for Locke, but they didn’t exactly turn out in droves last week, and Parker did pretty well with them […]

  3. I would like to have one of the Latnos on my talk Show A.S.K (Acquire Scripture Knowledge) to address why Some Christian will not “vote”? Can you Help? THE program is Listened too, each Thursday @ 10:15 1360 KWWJ . Person interested call me at 832-242-8620

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