Chris Bell Takes Sides In Council Runoff

From the desk of Chris Bell

Dear Friends,

My friend Jolanda “Jo” Jones is in a tough runoff election with Republican Jack Christie. I can tell you that given his past record, Christie will not be a friend on City Council. We don’t need his brand of radical right-wing politics on City Council. We need Jo and she needs us – NOW!

I have chosen to support Jo financially because I believe in her and I believe that she does good work for our city. She keeps an open door and provides a voice for a lot of folks who would be shut out otherwise. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind and has demonstrated the kind of independence we need more of on City Council.

Make no mistake: Jo’s opponent will be well funded and she must have our solid financial support in order to win the runoff. Please send her a check today or use the link below to contribute online – we need to keep Jo fighting for us and keep the Republicans from putting a right wing radical on Council.

Please make a contribution to Jo right now at

Thank you,

Chris Bell


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