Senator Hutchison’s Plan Rattles Republicans


KBH WOMEN FOR KAY 001kbh 003

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison confirmed Saturday that she plans to  remain in the U.S. Senate to continue fighting for Texas, while at the same time waging a campaign to defeat Governor Rick Perry.

Her plan seems to have  rattled some Republicans, especially those who had their eye on running  for her seat,  and/or hoped to be appointed to fill the position.

The Senator told 2 on The Beat that by staying in Washington until after the March 2010 primary,  she can work to defeat health care reform, cap-and-trade, and other legislation that she believes is detrimental to the state of  Texas.

She made her decision official during the Texas Republican Women’s convention in Galveston. 

I spoke to her later in Houston, where she was hosting a coffee and conversation with republican leaders.

kbh 001

Meantime, the Senator also told  me that  she  is in jeopardy of   missing a hugely important campaign endorsement rally that is scheduled to take place in Houston on Tuesday, November 17, 2009.

Vice President Dick Cheney is travelling here to officially throw his support to the senator,  but there is a chance that she will be in Washington to take up health care reform.

It’s an important photo-op, because Mr. Cheney has strong support among conservatives.

That segment of   the republican party has strongly backed Governor Perry, and he is do his best to appeal to them during the campaign, by criticizing President Obama and accusing him of trying to make American a socialist nation.


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  1. Kay Bailey Hutchison lost my vote a long time ago, when she made so many votes that were not pro-life. Then she voted for that Wall Street bailout the day after saying she would not. This year she has voted in favor of all the spending that has led to a 1.4 TRILLION dollar deficit. She is also the reigning Porker of the Month according to the Citizens Against Government Waste.

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