Parker Calls On Locke To “Come Clean Gene”

After releasing her and her partner’s tax returns, and having them closely scrutinized by a  respected CPA, Houston Mayoral candidate Annise Parker has repeatedly called on Gene Locke to do the same.

The following is a copy of   the news release (with a clever image of  a  washing machine and bubbles) that the Parker campaign has been sending out daily, with the message “Come Clean Gene.”

Sources have told 2 On The Beat that Locke will release his tax returns in a few days, but until he does, the Parker campaign is going to keep turning up the heat on Locke: 

(The following Is A News Release) 

What Is Gene Locke Hiding? 

Two weeks after request, Locke still has not released tax returns 

Houston, TX – Today the Annise Parker for Mayor campaign pressed lawyer-lobbyist Gene Locke to release his personal tax returns and answer a series of unanswered questions dealing with his conflicts of interest.

Image“It’s been two weeks since Texas Watchdog asked the mayoral candidates to publicly release their tax returns. Annise Parker released hers last week. Where are Gene Locke’s?” said Adam Harris, Parker’s campaign manager.

Texas Watchdog is a news website that scrutinizes the actions of government agencies, bureaucracies and politicians in Texas.

“Mr. Locke’s web of dealings with Metro, the financially troubled Sports Authority and his own law firm that has billed more than $17 million to these agencies and the City of Houston raises serious questions of massive conflicts of interest,” Harris continued. “If Mr. Locke has nothing to hide, he should come clean and make his tax returns public just as Annise Parker has done.”

Lawyer-lobbyist Locke has also refused to answer a series of questions posed by Watchdog more than six weeks ago about his relationship with the Harris County – Houston Sports Authority. According to documents uncovered by Watchdog, Locke was still involved with the authority well after he claimed to have resigned when the campaign began.

And this week, instead of responding to a series of questions relating to his conflict of interest with his law firm, Locke went on the attack in a failed attempt to change the subject.

“It’s up to Gene Locke to come clean about his conflicts of interest and put these issues behind us once and for all by giving voters the answers they deserve,” said Harris.

Questions yet to be answered by lawyer-lobbyist Gene Locke:

1)    When will you answer Texas Watchdog’s questions about your relationship with the financially troubled Harris County – Houston Sports Authority? (Asked October 2)

2)    When will you publicly release your tax returns? (Asked November 4)

3)    Will you release within one week your divestment and payout plan with Andrews Kurth? Will Andrews Kurth’s future income affect the size of your payout? Will you retain any interest in a pension or retirement plan or any other interest tied to the income of Andrews Kurth? (Asked November 16)

4)    Will you permanently resign from Andrews Kurth if elected mayor and enter into a legally-binding agreement never to have a financial interest or association with the firm or any relationship with the firm after you leave the office of mayor? (Asked November 16)

5)    Will you as mayor recuse yourself on all questions involving clients of Andrews Kurth, including all business with Metro, the Sports Authority and the Port Authority and bond transactions and other business done by Andrews Kurth for the City? (Asked November 16)

6)    Will you prohibit Andrews Kurth from representing the city and affiliated public agencies during your tenure as mayor, so as to avoid the inevitable appearance of impropriety involving any city business done with your partners and firm? (Asked November 16)

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