Peter Brown Stumping For Annise Parker In Runoff Race For Mayor

After finishing  third in the general election, Houston City Council Member Peter Brown endorsed Annise Parker over Gene Locke for Mayor in the runoff.

Brown is doing more than just giving speeches, he is also hitting the trenches: raising money, block walking and taking part in strategy meetings.

Brown has recently sent an email to those who supported him in the first round, to get behind Parker in the runoff.

Dear Friends and Supporters, As Thanksgiving approaches, I want to thank all of you for supporting my vision for an even better Houston. Although we did not prevail, we worked hard and made a real difference. Now, after lengthy discussions with the two remaining candidates, I am wholeheartedly supporting Annise Parker as our next mayor. I urge you to do the same. Annise Parker, I am convinced, will pursue the quality of life agenda important to us all. Just as she has done for the past 12 years as a Council Member and City Controller, Annise will continue to make government more efficient, to reduce crime, create jobs, and deal effectively with traffic, air quality, infrastructure and flooding. She knows how to get results at City Hall, and has the experience and the track-record we can count on. This past weekend I block-walked for Annise in the East End and in Kingwood, talking to voters about the important issues facing our city. This experience, like many others, confirmed that Annise and I share a clear vision for our great city. Therefore, I hope that you will support Annise Parker, by going to her website where you can make a donation, or sign up to volunteer. As well, I urge you to email your friends to support Annise. This is an important election – about a real commitment to a more prosperous, greener and livable Houston, with a commitment to open,

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