Grocery Store And Blood Drive To Honor Wounded Doctor

 A blood drive will be held  on Saturday in honor of  a  Ben Taub medical resident  who was shot  during an attempted robbery  in the parking lot of  a Kroger Grocery Store. 

Kroger and The Gulf  Coast Regional Blood Center have teamed up to sponsor a replenishment blood drive for Dr. Stephanie Wuest, on Saturday, November 28,  from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at 1990 Old Spanish Trail and the corner of  Cambridge.

It will be held in the same Kroger parking lot where Dr. Wuest was shot on the evening of  October 30.

According to Houston Police, suspect Anthony Bell approached Dr. Wuest as she was standing next to her vehicle after she exited the store, which is located near the Texas Medical Center.

Witnesses told police there was a brief  struggle and that Bell shot Wuest several times. 

Dr. Wuest was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition, but no information has been released about her since that night.

Meanwhile, the blood drive is open to everyone.

If you need more information you can  contact The Blood Center at 713–791-6326.

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  2. I’ll be there.

  3. I’ll go. I use to shop at this store regularly. Lots of good, hard working folks shop there. Sucks they’re being targeted by scum. Hope the bus has a butterfly needle…

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