The Race For Mayor Heats Up On The First Day Of Early Voting

It’s cold and wet on the first day of  early voting in the city of  Houston runoff election, but the attacks are starting to heat up in the race for Mayor.

Candidate Annise Parker and a group of   her supporters gathered at the West Gray Multi-Service Center to cast their ballots.  They didn’t let the gray skies and drizzle dampen their enthusiasm. 

Parker, who polls show is holding a slight lead over Gene Locke, says she feels optimistic about her chances of winning the runoff  election.

She also told reporters that the tone of the race is about to get much “sharper” and that she plans to “defend herself against false attacks from Locke.”

Meanwhile, The Houston Police Officers’ Union is accusing Parker of  running false and misleading radio and TV ads.

HPOU, the largest police union in the city, sent 2 On The Beat  the following news release today: 


November 30, 2009

 Houston Police OfficersAccuse Annise Parker

Of Identity Theft Scheme

 HOUSTON – How would you feel if someone had stolen your identity?   

Today, the Houston Police Officers’ Union put out an all-points “press” bulletin asking Houston voters to be wary of false and misleading radio and television ads by mayoral candidate, Ms. Annise Parker.

 HPOU, Houston’s largest and most respected police officer organization, is warning Houston voters to not be misled by Parker’s radio and television ads which falsely imply she has the police group’s endorsement. The police organization has endorsed Gene Locke for Mayor in the upcoming runoff election.

“To trick voters, Annise Parker is playing fast and loose with the truth and our respected identity,” said Gary Blankinship, president of the 5,000-plus member Houston Police Officers’ Union.  “While it may not be a true crime, it’s disingenuous for Ms. Parker to claim we support her.  The truth is, in past elections we did support her, however, recently she lost our support and our trust.  Houston police do not support Ms. Parker because she has no plan to support the police department of help officers fight crime in Houston.

 The HPOU encourages voters to approach Parker and her claims with extreme caution.  “Parker’s ads deceitfully imply she has our endorsement, which she does not,” Blankinship stated. “We endorse Gene Locke for Mayor.” 

“Annise Parker needs to immediately pull down her misleading ads, but too much is at stake for her to do the right thing.  Houston voters need to know what we know.  Ms. Parker’s ill-advised non-plan is to do absolutely nothing to help HPD.  Her only plan is to mislead people into believing legitimate police officers have endorsed her.  We have not and would strongly advise voters to reject Ms. Parker’s false and intentionally misleading claims,” challenged Blankinship.    

The police group says Parker’s mayoral campaign has developed a rap sheet of being abandoning HPD on successful crime fighting strategies. During the mayoral campaign Parker has said she wants to “take apart” the Houston Police Department and has said she would NOT support more funding for additional police patrol officers.  The police group also points out that Parker has voted against funding for expanded gang crime enforcement.

 “Parker has been caught red-handed,” Blankinship concluded. “For public safety’s sake, Houston’s voters are strongly advised to not become victims of Annise Parker’s false and intentionally misleading statements.”

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  2. The African-American News & Issues, December 2-8, 2009 issue states: “As mayor, Parker will work to get an independent crime lab and a public safety plan emphasizing protecting the police budget and getting more police on the streets through coordinated efforts and fast-tracking cadet classes. She is a champion for public safety and work to make us more safe.” That is reason enough for me to vote for her and not listen to the distortions of the truth from Mr. Locke and some of his supporters.

  3. Does HPD even have 5000 officers? HPOU fails to remember that they were investigated just last year. What ever happened to that? I don’t think that makes them “most respected”. It seems like HPOU is just reaching for technical things, were there are no REAL issues wrong with her. I have never heard Annise say anything that any other politician has not said when it concerned the budget. I’m sure if she could increase the budget she would. Let’s use common sense. At least the City of Houston has not cut police officers jobs, where others have. Like New York…

  4. hpou’s ad claims all 5000 police officers have endorsed Annise. That is not true. It is only the union and it might be only the union leadership.

    But what is sad is that we cant trust the Police Union to tell us the truth. This is pretty sad.

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