City Council Candidate Karen Derr Picks Up Endorsement

Houston realtor Karen Derr is  facing engineer Stephen Costello in the runoff  election for the city council at-large position 1 seat.    On this second day of early voting, Derr’s campaign has sent out a news release touting an endorsement from former opponent Herman Litt, who lost in the general election.     (NEWS RELEASE) Houston, TX- Karen Derr candidate for Houston City Council At-Large Position 1 received the endorsement of Herman Litt former candidate for Houston City Council At-Large position 1.  Litt stated, “I am endorsing Karen Derr because of her background as a businesswoman who ran a highly successful real estate business and because her philosophy of governing and her goals for Houston are more closely aligned with mine. Among those that we share are building strong safe neighborhoods, encouraging economic development & job growth, and developing a sound infrastructure plan. Karen has worked hard & dedicated herself to make a real difference in Houston. She’ll continue to work hard for all of us on City Council.” Litt further stated, “I encourage my supporters to join Karen Derr & vote for her in the December run-off.”  Karen Derr stated, “I am very proud and excited to receive Herman’s endorsement. He has done so much in the community and in local politics and I am honored.” Derr further stated, “We will work until the very last minute of this campaign to bring our positive message to every neighborhood in the City. Neighborhood by neighborhood, working together we can improve quality of life, fight crime and keep taxes in check. I’m committed to meeting the City’s challenges head on and to making a difference for all of Houston.”   Karen Derr currently resides in the Houston Heights. She is the founder of Karen Derr and Associates Realty. The firm is listed in the top 25 residential real estate companies in the greater Houston area according to the Houston Business Journal. Karen Derr will make it a priority to create safer neighborhoods, to improve air quality and to assist small businesses.    

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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  1. This is great. Herman has done so much work in our community here in Meyerland. I voted for him on November 3rd but I am glad to see him standing behind Derr’s campaign.

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