Police Union Sends Out Mail Piece For Gene Locke

As the issue of  public safety continues to dominate the debate in the runoff  race for mayor,  the Houston Police Officers’ Union is making a big push to help Gene Locke, its endorsed candidate, get elected. 

HPOU is preparing to send this political mail piece/election flyer to homes across the city.   The message is direct: Vote to keep Houston safe. Vote Gene Locke for Mayor.

HPOU believes that Locke has the best plan to protect Houston’s neighborhoods.  He has promised to increase the number of  officers on the street, screen for an  inmate’s immigration status inside the jails and support a coordinated partnership between law enforcement agencies.

Under the current city budget  prepared by  Mayor Bill White and his administration, public safety expenditures account for more than sixty-percent of the total general fund budget.

Locke has promised voters and police officers that he will continue to  keep public safety his top priority if elected mayor.

3 Responses

  1. Well, the republican in the race has spoken. Using ignorant fear tactics on ignorant voters.

    • So expanding a Police Department which is way under staffed is ignorant? Let’s see you call this a “fear” tactic when there is no Officer to make that 3 am call for you!

  2. […] may recall that Blankinship and the HPOU were not supporters of Parker; in fact, they all but accused her of plotting to hand the city over to the crooks during the […]

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