Another Republican In The Race For Governor

This is a news release sent to 2 on the Beat –

Debra Medina officially files for Goveratnor of Texas Austin, TX, Monday, December 7, 2009 – Texans are one step closer to freedom! Debra Medina was in Austin today, and formally filed to have her name on the 2010 ballot. The office she’s seeking: Governor of Texas.

 While this republican primary is slated to be one of the most volatile primaries in recent Texas history, the Medina campaign has no fear. Medina’s campaign focus has consistently been to decrease the size and scope of the state government and promote freedom through a true representation of the people. “Texans deserve a Governor who is more interested in the needs of Texans,” said campaign manager, Langford Freeman. “We are proud to have a candidate who is listening to the people and offering real solutions for the future of our state.” With the Republican primary less than three months away, the Medina campaign will be working non-stop to spread the message of freedom across the Lone Star State.

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