Council Member James Rodriguez Endorses Locke For Mayor

 Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez  has officially endorsed Gene Locke in the runoff race for Mayor of  Houston.

 This critical campaign endorsement  took place on the last day of early voting in front of  the  Houston Community College Southeast campus, which also serves as a polling location.

State Representative Carol Alvarado, State Rep. Doro Olivo, County Attorney Vince Ryan and Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino attended the announcement.

Rodriguez said he chose the location as a backdrop for the endorsement  because Locke’s name is  listed with others on the building cornerstone.

He was chairman of the HCC board at the time the campus was constructed.

Locke said he supported putting the building at the location to help serve the growing Hispanic community.

With such a close election,  the Locke campaign hopes the Rodriguez endorsement  will convince more Hispanic voters to support him over Controller Annise Parker.

Their turnout was light in the general election and in early voting for the  runoff,  but Hispanic voters could help decide whether Locke or Parker is  Houston’s next mayor. 

I truly believe in Gene Locke,” said Rodriguez, who represents  district I in Houston’s East End.  “We need projects like this (HCC campus and education initiatives) and we need someone who understands public safety.”

Locke said he was honored to receive the backing of the first term city council member and members of the Latino community.

“We will have to govern a city where the Latino presence is growing. That needs to be honored, respected and incorporated into daily decisions,” said Locke.

One Response

  1. Before Locke counted on the Hispanic vote, he should have make sure their vote counted. Hispanics are not voting. This is a huge concern and it needs to be addressed.

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