Behind The Scenes Of The Final Mayoral Debate

Three days before the runoff  election, KPRC Local 2 sponsored the final live debate between  Houston mayoral candidates Annise Parker and Gene Locke.

A small group of the  candidates supporters and families members filled the studio, as a panel of  journalists and a representative from the League of  Women Voters asked questions.

It was a great debate. Both candidates are solid, smart, experienced and knowledgable about the issues.

Once the attacks were over and the cameras stopped rolling it was nice to see Parker and Locke let down their guard,  and spend some time with the people whose love and support help strengthen them during the final grueling days of the campaign.

Parker’s daughter was at the debate, along with Gene Locke’s mother who offered a hug to everyone in the studio, including the Parker family.

Locke’s wife and sons also attended the debate,along with Gary Blankinship, president of  the Houston Police Officers Union, and the widows of  two officers who were slain in the line of duty. They are supporting Locke for Mayor.

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