President of Houston FireFighters Association Responds

I received an email from Jeff Caynon, the President of  The Houston Professional Firefighters Association, regarding my earlier  post about Council Member Sue Lovell’s political mail piece targeting her council colleague Jolanda Jones.

 While Caynon says he didn’t have a problem with what I posted, he did what to reiterate that firefighters appreciate Lovell’s support.

He says she has fought for fairness and benefits for the men and women of the department.

Here is Caynon’s response: 

The nearly 4,000 men and women of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association regard Council Member Sue Lovell as a trusted friend. She is endorsed by our organization because she regularly fights for firefighters’ issues. Her recent mail piece was, in our opinion, an effort to do just that. Like nearly all of her City Council colleagues, she has been reasonable, respectful and responsive to the city’s needs. We appreciate her efforts and continue to support her.

Jeff Caynon  – President- Local 341

Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association

1907 Freeman

Houston, Texas 77009

One Response

  1. Well there you have it. Our brave firefighters are proud that Lovell was fighting for them and alerted the voters to Jones’ horrible comments.

    I agree with Allison on another posting that 4 current council members working to rid the city of Jolanda Jones is MORE newsworthy than this.

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