Mayor White Hosts A Holiday Reception For The Media

Members of   the Houston area media had a final opportunity to celebrate the holiday season with Mayor Bill White.

After six years in the top job at Houston city hall,  the term limited White is about to hit the campaign trail fulltime in the race for the democratic party primary nomination for Governor.

The party room at the House   Blues  was packed with dozens of   media representatives, elected officials, senior city hall staff, and department heads.

It gave everyone a chance to let down their guard and get better acquainted.

 The hot topics of the evening?  The runoff race for mayor to replace White at city hall, and  whether media coverage of the candidates has really been fair and balanced. 

Inquiring minds also wanted to know which staff members would move to jobs on White’s political team, stay at city hall under a new mayor, or seek employment opportunities in the private sector.

My favorite moment of the evening happened when Mayor White took the stage to welcome everyone.  He also challenged people in the room to use the holiday season as an opportunity to reach out to someone who we don’t always like or agree with on issues.

These events are always fun, but the elected leaders and members of the media who attended  realize that the next morning we go back to being friendly and respectful, but not always in agreement about the role of  politics/governance and media coverage. 

We’re still going to ask the tough questions, and they’ll decide to either answer, dodge or try to explain why we are going down the wrong trail.

During my time working in the Houston media, I’ve had the pleasure to attend holiday parties hosted by former Mayor Bob Lanier, and one year I scored an invitation to the Capital Press Corp media party hosted by Governor Rick Perry.  (Perry would never pose for pictures that night)

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