Farouk Files To Run For Governor Of Texas

UPDATE: Farouk’s campaign sent out a message with a correction. He will officially file for office Tuesday in Austin.

The Texas Tribune is reporting that humorist Kinky Friedman has dropped his plans to make a second run for  governor of  Texas.http://www.texastribune.org/stories/2009/dec/14/kinky-friedman-drop-gubernatorial-bid/

If you are keeping score:  On the Democratic Party side –   Houston Mayor Bill White and Hair Care Businessman Farouk Shami, who filed for election today,will meet each other in the March 2010 primary.

Governor Rick Perry and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will face off on in the Republican Party primary.


Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate, Farouk Shami, Officially Files for Election

New Jobs, New Ideas and New Hope for Texas

AUSTIN – Gubernatorial Democratic Candidate, Farouk Shami, officially begins his campaign filing the necessary paperwork to be on the 2010 democratic ballot.

“I am here today because Texas needs change.  Throughout the years, I have watched career politicians making hopeless promises to the people.  My track record of consistent accomplishments and being a man of action speaks for itself.  Through education, I built an empire that is a debt free billion dollar company and exports to 114 countries.  In Texas, we have an abundance of the natural resources that we can tap into, thus giving us the capability of not only being the most powerful state in the nation, but in the world.  Ladies and gentleman, my name is Farouk Shami, which is not stranger than Barack Hussein Obama, and I am ready to serve the people and be your next Texas governor.”

New Solutions for Texas

  • Creating Jobs


Farouk Shami believes that “Made in USA” is the strongest brand in the world.  As inventor of the CHI and other consumer products, he has created thousands of jobs in Texas.  As governor, he will encourage business owners to stop sending jobs overseas and start creating jobs here in Texas.

  • Reforming Health Care


Farouk Shami wants Texans to have the same opportunity he gives to his employees.  As a responsible business owner who provides health insurance, he understands how rising health care costs hurt families, businesses, and the economy.  As governor, he will ensure that children have affordable health insurance and preventative Care.  He will not be afraid to take the drug and insurance companies that put profits over patients.

  • Providing Quality Education


Farouk Shami believes that every child in Texas, including his nine grandchildren, deserves a first class education.  He believes a strong public school system is the key to opportunity and economic progress.  As governor, Farouk will place a priority on giving students the skills needed to compete in a global economy by emphasizing reading, writing, math and science.  He will leave partisan politics at the schoolyard gate.

  • Preserving our Environment


Farouk Shami built his business developing environmentally friendly and high quality products that utilize Advanced American Technology.  As governor, Farouk will encourage organic and sustainable farming and ranching.  His focus will be to increase renewable energy that will reduce pollution and create jobs.

“My promise to Texas is that I will not wait until I become governor to start creating jobs.  I am ready to serve the people not special interest groups.  We do not have the choice of where we are born, but we have the choice of where we live.  Forty-four years ago I chose America, and I am blessed to be living the “American Dream,” Shami said.  “I am ready to share that dream with my fellow Texans! Through my proven and innovative leadership, I will give Texas new hope.  I will create new jobs and a safer environment, and I will reform healthcare and education.  When I become governor business as usual ends in Texas!”

© 2009 Pol. Adv. by the Farouk Shami for Governor Campaign | 2500 West Loop South #300 | Houston | TX | 77027

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