Get Ready For A Political Rematch

Former State Representative Borris Miles is trying to  make a political comeback.

After seeing his campaign signs in Third Ward for the past several weeks, I received a news release this morning from one of  his aides. (posted below)

In November 2006,  Miles defeated long time State Rep Al Edwards to represent the people of  House District #146.

But, he lost the March 2008 democratic party primary to Edwards after he was charged with deadly conduct.  A jury later found Miles not guilty of charges that accused him of pointing a gun during two holiday parties in 2007.


Representative Edwards is also heavily campaigning to keep his seat, and this time doesn’t plan to go down without a fight.


 It will be interesting to see the voter’s reaction to Miles as he begins to campaign for his old seat.  Will anyone ask him about his past legal problems?   Will Edwards try to remind voters that Miles was accused of some really odd and allegedly illegal behavior, even though he was eventually acquitted by a jury?

Stay tuned.  This political rematch will be very  interesting!

(The following is the news release that I received from the Miles campaign)

Miles says, “It’s time to get back to work.”

HOUSTON – On Monday, former State Representative Borris L. Miles filed as a candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives, District 146.  Miles, who formerly served one term in the House is responsible for authoring, joint authoring or amending 25 pieces of legislation during his tenure.

“Our community deserves a leader that will continue to fight for the betterment of district 146,” said Miles.  “I have the experience and a proven record of getting things done for small businesses, families, children and neighborhoods.”

Miles added:  “When people are hurting, they want leadership that understands their personal needs and has the ability to orchestrate change.  We have missed that the over the past two years and now it is time to get back to work.”

Both politically and personally, Miles has been a champion for the community by fighting to continue education for inmates, leading the charge against SB 4 that would have closed many inner-city charter schools, and creating management districts to support economic development within the district.

“I’m going back to Austin to work on public safety, economic development and neighborhood issues,” states Miles.

Born in the community he formerly served, Miles states “When I was growing up I could not see substantial positive change in the community.  In fact, many of the areas of my district have gotten worse.  I know that I am the person who can connect with the people of the district while building consensus at the state level to actually get things done.”

Prominent community leaders Rev. Willie Davis, Marvin Rich, and Margaret Jenkins, are among the many supporters of the Miles re-election campaign.  

“Borris has always worked hard for the people of the District; from passing out turkeys at Thanksgiving to co-authoring legislation to provide grandparents who serve as caregivers supplemental funding,” states Margaret Jenkins, president Superneighborhood groups 71 and 76.  “I know what this community needs and it starts with leadership that is willing to take up the fight for all people- and that is what Borris Miles will do again.”

Borris L. Miles was elected to serve as the Representative for District 146 in the Texas State House of Representatives in November of 2006. He was assigned to the Government Reform and Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committees.  He is a lifelong resident of the district and grew up in Sunnyside. A former law enforcement officer, Mr. Miles is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, leaving a promising corporate career to launch his own insurance agency.

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  1. […] cycle, former Rep. Borris Miles will face Rep. Al Edwards in the Democratic primary for HD146. Mary Benton has the details plus Miles’ press release. I like Miles, I thought he had a lot of potential […]

  2. Can HD 146 get someone better than Miles or Edwards? They represent the worst in our District. I had really hoped Billy Briscoe would have run for this position.

  3. […] Borris Miles is running to win back the Texas House of Representatives seat he lost two years ago. […]

  4. […] Borris Miles is running to win back the Texas House of Representatives seat he lost two years ago. […]

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