Senator Hutchison Targeted By Tea Party Society

As the U.S. Senate moves closer to voting on a health care reform plan, 2 on The Beat has received word about a Tea Party protest  that is scheduled to take place on Monday, December 21,  in front of  Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s offices in Houston and Austin.

Three tea party groups –  Houston , Katy and San Jacinto – are uniting for the protest.  Members say their actions are designed  to, “stiffen Senator Hutchison’s spine and encourage her to hold rank with fellow republican lawmakers who oppose the health care bill.”

The Tea Party Society is upset that Senator Hutchison, along with  Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins,  joined with Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid  in voting to break a republican filibuster on a defense spending bill on Friday.

The vote also  removed one of the last remaining obstacles on health care reform and moves the bill closer to passage in the Senate.

In press reports over the weekend  Senator Hutchison said she did support the Republican filibuster, but once it became clear that Democrats had the votes to end it  she wanted to support the  troops.

“We must rise above political bickering and ensure that nothing delays our troops from having the funds necessary to carry out their mission,” the Senator told the Dallas Morning News.

So, it appears that by supporting the troops, Senator Hutchison has also stepped on a political landmine leading up to the March 2010 Republican Party primary.

Governor Rick Perry, who is closely tied to the conservative Tea Party Society movement, is heavily criticizing the Senator for voting with the democrats. 

The Houston event is scheduled from 5:00pm – 7:00pm, in front of  Senator Hutchison’s office in the Mickey Leland Building, 1919 Smith Street.

UPDATE:  Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for Hutchison’s campaign, says the Senator is “fighting tooth and nail against the government takeover of health care.  There is no one more opposed to this bill than Senator Hutchison. She has an alternative plan with Senator Jim DeMint to increase access and affordability to health care is based on free market principles and not a government-run plan that cuts medicare, balloons the debt and raises taxes like the Democrats are proposing. But, at this point the democrats have blocked all republican input.  She will be there at 1:00 a.m. Monday morning voting against the bill.”


3 Responses

  1. Senator Hutchison is wasting everyone’s time and money on her pointless race for governor. She can’t beat Perry, and everyone knows it. Too many liberal votes on big things. Bailouts. Pork. Now healthcare. She is unacceptable and needs to resign NOW and let Perry appoint a real conservative.

  2. “Governor Rick Perry, who is closely tied to the conservative Tea Party Society movement, is heavily criticizing the Senator for voting with the democrats.”

    Not so fast.

    The grassroots groups aren’t at all thrilled with Perry, or his reluctance to deal more assertively with the federal government. Perry doesn’t deal honestly with the people either. Don’t assume because some Republican-led tea party groups fawn over the governor that we all do. Just because Kay is the target of our frustration today, it does not follow that we’re all on the Perry bandwagon. Nothing could be further from the truth, as people will likely see in the new year.

  3. CLARIFICATION: The three tea party groups listed above, Houston TPS , Katy Tea and San Jacinto Tea Party, DO NOT have any “ties”, with candidates or politicians.

    These Tea party groups are here to EDUCATE and INFORM, not endorse.

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