Congresswoman Jackson-Lee Says She Deserves Another Term

 She faces two opponents in the March democratic party primary, but U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee says  she deserves another term in office – to keep representing the people of the 18th congressional district.

Houston city council member Jarvis Johnson and Houston attorney Sean Roberts have filed to run against the eight term congresswoman. 

Yesterday I posted a campaign statement from Johnson and Roberts.  Below I am posting the notice that I received from Congresswoman Jackson-Lee’s campaign.


(Houston, TX)……With the November ’09 General Election now history and attention being focused on the upcoming March 2nd Democratic Primary Election, the Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee filed in December for her bid for a 9th term in the U. S. Congress. She has vowed to continue her commitment of serving the constituents of the 18th Congressional District and has tirelessly worked throughout 8 terms since 1995 after she defeated previous incumbent Craig Washington. She currently serves on the prestigious Judiciary, Homeland Security and Foreign Affairs Committees; and chairs the important Transportation & Homeland Subcommittee.


It is no question during her extensive tenure in Congress that Congresswoman Jackson Lee has continued to “bring home the bacon” for her constituents because “Sheila Works and Sheila Delivers!” She has consistently stood alongside her district constituents to provide resources to generate dollars which created hundreds of jobs, provided health care funding, demonstrated leadership on the Iraq war and to honor local Vietnam Veterans with long overdue Purple Heart medals to name a few of her accomplishments.

Regarding this race, Congresswoman Jackson Lee says, “I won’t tell my own story, but will allow the people of the 18th Congressional District to tell the real story. I am honored and ready to serve them again.”

2 Responses

  1. She deserves to be retired..JOHN FAULK for Congress

  2. Retire Her !!! Replace her with John Faulk !!

    If she brings the bacon home but allows fining and imprisoning people who don’t carry health insurance, she forces people who lose their healthcare insurance after 2013 to only be able to sign on to the government insurance plan, she allows the government access to your bank account to pay health costs (That the government determines the cost of), she isn’t worth the lost freedoms.

    Republicans have been getting their clocks cleaned because they haven’t distinguished themselves as being that much different than Democrats in an attempt (That doesn’t work) to attract the independent and moderate votes. John Faulk won’t be making that mistake. People in the 18th District have a real choice between a man who has real convictions versus a Washington insider who felt a cell phone call was more important to answer than a constituent’s question at a town hall meeting.

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