Debra Medina Confident After Debate




Debra Medina victorious in first Gubernatorial debate

DALLAS, TX, Thursday, January 14, 2010 – Tonight, Debra Medina not only made big hits in the Republican gubernatorial debate but she scored a homerun for the citizens of Texas. For the first time in 20 years, We Texans had the opportunity to take part in a heavily contested open primary.
“In an all out war of words, Debra Medina championed We Texans on stage,” said Penny Langford Freeman, Medina campaign manager.  “It’s been decades since We Texans had the opportunity to vote for a true Texas patriot. Debra Medina did an outstanding job in her first, ever statewide debate. She replied with solid answers to the hard-pressed issues facing Texans.”
Clearly differentiating herself from Rick Perry’s decade long reign and Kay Bailey Hutchison’s 15 years in the senate, Debra Medina demonstrated she has the knowledge, leadership and common sense to represent everyday Texans from the governor’s mansion. Debra Medina is not the aristocratic candidate that Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchison represent.
Debra Medina scored big points with voters. She showed Texans that she answers the tough questions facing Texans without giving lip service. She showed she represents the average Texan.
As the March 2nd primary draws near, Texans are now realizing that the expansion of big government is not only intrusive but it’s draining our state and individual sovereignty. It’s time We Texans take back Texas and restore liberty and freedom to all who live in the Lone Star state!  We Texans deserve a governor

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