Houston Fire Chief Steps Down – Is Praised For His Work

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says she accepted “with regret” the resignation of Houston Fire Chief Phil Boriskie.

In a news conference this morning Mayor Parker named 30 year HFD veteran and executive chief Rick Flanagan as the departments Acting Chief while she launches a nationwide search for a new leader.

Chief   Flanagan told reporters he is interested in the top job, but stressed that he is more concerned with addressing the issues plaguing the department. Flanagan praised the hardworking men and women of HFD and promised to work on their behalf.

After this morning’s stunning announcement that Houston Fire Chief Phil Boriskie  has stepped down, the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has released a statement praising him for his work.
Statement of Jeffrey Caynon

President of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association (HPFFA)

January 19, 2010

“The men and women of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association wish Phil Boriskie well. He is rightly regarded by most Houston firefighters as one of the best chiefs in department history. Under his leadership, the department has improved training, response times and the delivery of emergency medical services (EMS).

“We had our professional differences, but Houston firefighters generally respect his character and his good intentions. He strived to balance the needs of the city with those of his firefighters. The truth is, Chief Boriskie was a victim of his good nature and management style, both of which left him vulnerable to political attack. For the past year, the opportunist politicians, extremist activists and disgruntled city employees who recklessly stereotyped local firefighters also treated the chief despicably.

“HFD is a model fire department in many respects and Chief Boriskie deserves his share of the credit. According to the 2009 citywide Citizens Survey, ‘the top three services in which phone respondents reported the highest satisfaction rating were all related to the HFD.’ Citizens and business owners benefit from lower insurance rates because we are the largest fire department in the United States with the top insurance industry fire protection rating. We have one of the nation’s highest cardiac arrest survival rates. Our respected EMS system has been a partner in numerous leading-edge medical studies. Our arson division has a case closure rate above the national average. And Houston firefighters are regularly recognized for raising more money for charity than any other department in the nation.

“We look forward to advising the city administration during the process of selecting the chief’s successor. As we have for decades, the HPFFA remains committed to improving workplace and labor conditions for local firefighters. We hope the mayor’s choice for fire chief maintains this commitment as well.”


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  1. […] story is here; Mary Benton and KUHF have more on Boriskie’s resignation. I don’t really have much to add to this […]

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