Sen. Hutchison and Gov. Perry on Massachusetts’ Election Results

The eyes of Texas were on the Massachusetts election Tuesday night. In reality, the entire nation was closely following the results and debating the fallout – from  President Obama’s agenda to mid-term elections closer to home.

Democrats were trying to save the seat held by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. It was crucial to keeping President Obama’s promise of  passing health care reform and preventing republicans from having enough members to filibuster.

However, after the votes were counted, republican candidate Scott Brown was declared the winner over democrat Martha Coakley. 

2 On the Beat received statements from Sen. Hutchison and Gov. Perry’s campaigns praising Brown for his victory. Senator Hutchison also issued a statement saying that there should be no further debate on healthcare until Brown is sworn-in. 


Hutchison Statement On Tonight’s Victory In Massachusetts 

“This historic win sends a clear message to President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. The American people, no matter whether they come from Texas or Massachusetts, are angry with the Democrats’ proposal for a government takeover of our healthcare system and the out of control spending we’ve seen in the last year.  I look forward to working with Senator-elect Brown to put an end to the Democrats’ push toward socialized medicine.”

Statement from Gov. Rick Perry on Senator-elect Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts:

“I want to congratulate Senator-elect Scott Brown on his historic victory in Massachusetts. His election, along with the election last November of Republican governors in Virginia and New Jersey, should send a loud and clear message that the states of this great nation will continue to reject the misguided policies coming out of Washington, D.C. The election of a 41st Republican to the U.S. Senate is especially significant to stop the ill-advised health care bill that will cost states billions of dollars. I fully support Senator-elect Brown’s pledge to stand with Republicans in Congress to stop this harmful piece of legislation.”

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