Farouk Shami Outlines New Campaign Policy – Challenges Bill White

 With no announced plans for a debate between the two democratic gubernatorial candidates running in the March 2010 Primary, I guess voters can only look to campaign statements and news releases for information.
Today Hair Care Executive Farouk Shami issued a policy statement important to gay Texans. Shami also challenged White to debate this and other issues.

January 21, 2010
HOUSTON-Farouk Shami’s campaign released a comprehensive and inclusive LGBT policy, calling for equal rights and protections for the LGBT community.  Farouk believes that all people of Texas deserve to be treated equally.
“Discrimination has no place in Texas, LGBT Texans are Texans and we need someone in Austin to stand up for them,” Shami said. Shami’s LGBT policy calls for same-sex civil unions, proposes including LGBT in protections against employment and insurance discrimination and establishing authority for same-sex couples to make medical decisions on one another’s’ behalf.
Farouk publicly challenges democratic candidate Bill White to endorse this same policy for the LGBT community. “The Stonewall Democrats have asked Bill White to be their keynote speaker at an event, we challenge him to show the community he is a true advocate for the LGBT community. He should earn his endorsement,” Farouk said issuing the challenge. “I am prepared to stand up for the LGBT community. Are you, Bill White?” Shami asked.
Farouk Shami also made a public challenge for Bill White to debate “anytime, anyplace.” The Shami campaign says he is ready to debate Bill White. “If you claim to be an advocate for the LGBT community, prove it.” Shami said.

– 31 –

Click here for LGBT Policy


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