The Campaign For State GOP Chair

I don’t usually post information about the campaigns/elections  for county or statewide Democrat and Republican party leadership.

The positions are important and reveal a lot about the party’s tone and agenda,  but I’ve always considered those races “inside baseball” and not  interesting to the average voter. 

However,  it  looks like the statewide Republican Party is bracing for a heated battle that could set it on a new course if  Stephen Munisteri of  Houston is elected.

(you can read his statement below)

He is challenging GOP Chair Cathie Adams.  Adams was elected to the position last October after former chair Tina Benkiser stepped down to join Governor Perry’s re-election campaign as a senior advisor.

I haven’t spoken to Adams, but I do recall reading that she plans to seek a full term when the Republicans meet at their annual convention in June.

HOUSTON — Long time Conservative and Republican activist Stephen P. Munisteri announced today that he is seeking the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas at its State Convention in Dallas the weekend of June 11, 2010. 

Munisteri has been involved in the Republican Party and the conservative movement for 38 years and is a retired attorney and businessman from Houston.  In announcing his candidacy, Munisteri stated, “I believe both the Republican Party of Texas as well as our country are at crossroads.  Our country, which after the election of Ronald Reagan moved in the direction of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, strong national defense, less government intrusion in our lives, and lower tax rates, has been dramatically moved to the left by President Obama with massive government programs and bailouts.  Republicans have a unique window of opportunity to reverse some of these disastrous Obama policies before it is too late, but must act quickly to seize momentum.”

Munisteri went on to explain his view of the Chairman’s role, “However, to do so, the Republican Party must be a more effective organization, and that is why I am seeking the role of Chairman.  Although I am a solid Conservative I believe the Republican Party must do a better job at reaching beyond just its base to independent and minority voters without sacrificing its core beliefs.  Most important to this effort, the Republican Party must do a much better job of reaching minority communities, especially the Hispanic community” 

“In order for the Republican Party to remain a majority party in Texas, a new state Chairman must also be able to work all of the various activists and groups who are disenchanted with the liberal Democrats and Congress.  It is vital to ongoing Republican success to keep all of these groups within the party.”

Munisteri elaborated on his experience and qualifications to serve as State Party Chairman, “I have spent 38 years working within the Republican Party working on dozens of campaigns, I have been a precinct chairman, a member of the SREC, attended multiple state conventions and national conventions, and have worked across Texas and other states for several Presidential campaigns.  I have strong business administrative skills, having built a law firm from a single person into a 49-person operation including 20 attorneys and a multi-million dollar budget larger than that of the RPT.”

In a strong showing of support for his candidacy, Munisteri is pleased to announce the following members and supporters of his campaign, including: Mike Boylan, past State Chairman of the Associated Republicans of Texas; Mr. William McMinn, past State Finance Director of the Associated Republicans of Texas; Robert Mosbacher, Jr., past State Finance Chairman of the Texas Republican Party, former president of the United States Overseas Development Corporation, and the Party’s past nominee for Lieutenant Governor; Robert Miller, prominent attorney with Locke Lord(Bissell & Liddell LLP); former State Representative Martha Wong; former State Representative Brad Wright; former Missouri Lt. Governor William Phelps; well-known Republican attorney Frank Riley; Jessica Colon, past National Chairman of the Young Republican Federation; and prominent Houston businessman Ross Davis of Davis Southern Operating and Davis Asset Management.  Additionally, Munisteri has signed up Precinct Chairman, SREC members, past Republican staff members, and Conservative activists to assist in the campaign. 

The campaign has opened up a headquarters located at 3637 W. Alabama #210, Houston, Texas 77027.  Munisteri will campaign full time between now and June. 


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  1. The only reason the republican party will reach out to Hispanics is to grab them by the throat and send them to Mexico, even if they are citizens.

    Lets face it, the republican party of texas is nothing more than a bunch of angry, white, republicans.

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