Get Ready – Bill White and Farouk Shami Will Debate

I’ll be honest.  I’m a little concerned that this debate will be painful to watch.

Still, I’m thrilled that  Texans who plan to vote  in the 2010 March Democratic party primary will have an opportunity to watch former Houston Mayor Bill White and Hair Care Businessman Farouk Shami debate before the election


On the Republican side, Governor Rick Perry, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and party activist Debra Medina have agreed to take part in two debates.

The debate between the two democratic gubernatorial candidates is scheduled to take place on Monday, February 8, 2010 in Dallas.

Below is a statement released by Shami’s campaign:


“Our campaign is very pleased to be offered the opportunity to reach so many voters through this debate”, said Campaign Director Vince Leibowitz. “We applaud our opponent for agreeing to give Texas democrats an opportunity to see the front runners for our party’s nomination in a head-to-head debate.”
Shami’s campaign previously challenged democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White to accept debate invitation proffered by numerous democratic clubs and organizations within Texas.  “We believe when Texas democrats are given the opportunity to hear Farouk Shami’s message of new ideas, new jobs and a new hope for Texas they will make the decision to go with the candidate that will breathe new life into our party as opposed to the candidate of the establishment”, Leibowitz said.

Mr. Shami also looks forward to letting voters see the difference between politics as usual and his fresh perspective from someone that isn’t a career politician. Mr. Shami looks forward to the opportunity to face Bill White in front of the moderators, the voters and all Texans.

“I am not a polished and packaged career politician with a cookie cutter campaign. I am a candidate for the people, not the special interests or the quid pro quo politics that disillusion voters,” Shami said.


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