Bill White Releases First TV Ad – In English and Spanish

Bill White, candidate for governor, releases first TV ad
Texas’ future and education key themes
HOUSTON, TEXAS — Former Houston mayor and candidate for governor, Bill White, released his first TV ad today. “Moving Texas Forward” will air statewide in both English and Spanish starting this afternoon. Both versions are available for viewing online at:

In the ad, White speaks directly to voters and emphasizes the importance of education to Texas’ future.

In stump speeches across the state, White has made the case that Texas’ long-term economic growth is dependent on the workforce being educated today.

White said, “We all know people with a better education make more money, which they can save, spend, or invest here in Texas, creating more Texas jobs.”

 “We must improve public schools, reduce the dropout rate, and stop skyrocketing college tuition rates to ensure that our our kids have the skills they need to get the jobs of the future and that Texas will lead in the global economy,” he continued.

The ad’s message echoed a key theme from White’s December announcement for governor. He said, “I am proud of the people of our state. As governor, I will move Texas forward, to make Texas America’s great state of opportunity and innovation.”

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