Celebrate With Jack Yates High School – Show Your Pride!

The basketball team is kicking behind and taking names, but there are many other reasons to celebrate the legacy of Jack Yates High School.  2 On the Beat received this invitation to the Founder’s Day Celebration: 

Jack Yates High School was founded on 84 years ago on Monday, February 6, 1926.   Please join the fellowship of Yates students and Yates alumni from the Thrilling Thirties; Fabulous Fifties; Sensational Sixties,  Soulful Seventies; Exciting Eighties; Notable Nineties; and Magnificent Millennium  as we celebrate the legacy of our illustrious school.   We are asking for all alumni to attend, so call your classmates and plan to take the afternoon off for this celebration of Jack Yates pride and achievement.   Let’s teach and encourage our “baby lions” to honor the history of our beloved “JY”.   

 What:  Jack Yates High School Founder’s Day Celebration When:  Friday, February 26, 2010 at 2:00 p.m.  


Where:  Jack Yates High School Auditorium   Who:   Yates Alumni,  Students, Administration, Staff, and Special Guests  

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