Governor Perry – Sarah Palin Rally on Super Sunday

Governor Rick Perry knows how to draw a crowd on Superbowl Sunday – invite former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be the star attraction at a political rally.

Palin campaigned  for Governor  Perry one day after she was the featured speaker at the first  National Tea Party  convention.

Rocker Ted Nugent, country music and people calling  themselves  patriots and Tea Party members help set the tone for the political event.

Palin’s message was anti-Washington and pro-Rick Perry. 

Governor Perry urged people to vote for him and his experience and reject the Washington style leadership.  While never  mentioning Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s name, he clearly criticized her support for the bailout and voting for other unpopular programs.

Why was the event held in Cypress?  “We are smack dab in the middle of the most conservative district in the State of Texas and the United States,” said State Senator Dan Patrick of Houston as he fired up the crowd.

Palin, Governor Perry and Senator Patrick also urged the crowd to reach out to undecided republicans and encourage them to vote for Perry in the March primary. 

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