White and Shami Prepare for Debate

Former Houston Mayor Bill White and Houston Hair Care Executive Farouk Shami have both arrived at a Dallas Fort Worth television station to prepare for tonight’s debate.

We all know that White and Shami have dramatically different personal and political styles. 

That was on display when Shami and his staff  pulled up in a shiny black Cadillac Escalade and White pulled up with his staff in a beaten up old green Toyota 4-Runner. (as a Toyota owner I’m guessing that SUV  was at least 12 years old, if not older)

Of course, both men are wealthy and can afford  to buy the vehicle of their dreams, but I guess White will try to keep up his image as a low-key fiscal conservative during the campaign.

White told 2 On the Beat that he wants to introduce himself to voters who are not as familiar with him and his record as the former mayor of  Houston.

Meanwhile, Shami says he feels good about debating the former Houston mayor. He plans to focus on a message of creating more jobs, reforming education and health care.

The debate begins at 7pm.

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