Farouk Shami Campaign Claims Debate Victory

Farouk Shami Wins Democratic Debate

Shami Offers Business Sense While His Opponent Presents ‘Business as Usual’

FORT WORTH-During tonight’s state-wide televised debate between Farouk Shami and his opponent, former Mayor Bill White, the many differences in the two Democratic candidates were highlighted.

Shami, who built his multi-million dollar business from the ground up, focused on what needs to be fixed in our state. “I relocated my own business from overseas to Houston and created jobs long before I began a bid for governor,” said Shami. “Before my opponent became a career politician, he did nothing to create jobs in this state-nor did he do so in three terms as Mayor of Houston.”

Asked about the rising unemployment rate in Texas, Bill White said he doesn’t believe the Governor has control over the “global economy,” Shami responded to the same question with his plan for revising the state’s budget, including his own pledge to create 100,000 jobs in his first two years as Governor, or resign and pay the state $10 million dollars. “I put my money where my mouth is,” said Shami. “I know how to serve the public, I know how to negotiate, I know how to work with small businesses and how to build them.”

“Unlike my opponent, I know how to balance the budget. How will I increase revenue? Jobs, jobs, jobs. I am proud that I have set an example myself of how to create jobs,” said Shami.

When Shami asked White about his opposition to a moratorium on drilling in the Barnett Shale and if he would rethink his position until there is scientific proof this drilling isn’t going to put people’s lives at risk, White skirted the issue and would not definitively state that he would do so. He also neglected to mention that Houston is the fourth most polluted cities in the United States. White was questioned a second time towards the end of the debate, and once again skirted the issue of the moratorium on drilling in the Barnett Shale.

With regards to border policy, Shami said “we should build bridges between the United States and Mexico,” adding that he would work with officials on both sides of the border to encourage business there and allow access to legal immigration. White said he would work with local law enforcement to make sure there are procedures to have a system to find who are in the country illegally, clearly supporting 287g. Shami pointed out that a Governor must consider the human aspect of immigration and that there should be a method for undocumented workers to apply for legal status.

With regards to healthcare, Shami emphasized the importance of affordable healthcare for families and children. “It’s time for action, not talk,” he said.

Shami continues to show his leadership style as he introduces himself to Texas voters and asks them to end politics as usual in the state and vote for real change. He has positioned himself as the candidate willing to take a stand and take action on the issues important to our state, not one who is all talk and no action. “Every citizen of the state should be treated justly and honestly,” said Shami. “The Governor should be CEO of the state.”

Tonight’s debate was hosted by KERA in partnership with CBS 11 (KTVT-TV) and TXA 21 (KTXA-TV), the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, KUVN Univision 23, the Texas Association of Broadcasters, Texas State Networks and the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas.


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