Mexican American Democratic Group Endorses Shami For Governor

Mexican American Democrats Endorse Farouk Shami

State Chair said Shami “represents to a lot of us what the American Dream is about…”

HOUSTON-Following a meeting on Saturday morning, the Mexican American Democrats (MAD) announced the group’s endorsement of Texas Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Farouk Shami.

Steve Salazar, State Chair for the Mexican American Democrats of Texas, said that Farouk Shami’s “willingness to sit down and listen, to talk to people about issues that affect us as a group-not only the economy and jobs, but also immigration and crime-led us to make this endorsement. He is inclusive of all people from all walks of life and can identify with those of us who were not born in the United States.” Salazar added that the group felt Shami “represents to a lot of us what the American Dream is about: hard work, dedication to the community, and willingness to serve.”

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the Mexican American Democrats,” said Shami. “I fully identify with its mission and vision and hope to work with them often in the near future.”

The vision of the Mexican American Democrats is to seek full representation of Mexican American-Latinos at all levels and in all activities of the political process representation within the Democratic Party.

2 Responses

  1. This is particularly troubling, since Farouk’s manufacturing workforce is 80-90% hispanic and mostly female.

    Farouk Shami’s business has landed in court often

    Austin American-Statesman Feb 1, 2010
    The company had hired Coral Olsen as human resources manager, according to court records. Olsen, a 15-year human resources professional, declined to be interviewed for this story but said in court documents that she was the company’s first human resources director. At the time, the company had more than 300 workers and 1,500 part-time stylists. (Educators teaching classes)

    Olsen said in court documents that she discovered several sexual harassment complaints and then met resistance — from Shami and company President Shauky Gulamani — when she tried to implement the company’s first written policy on the issue.

    “Farouk Systems’ arrogance, degradation, treating female employees as inferior and generally talking down to females is simply a matter of course and an established and accepted pattern at Farouk Systems,” Olsen said in court documents. “This behavior was persistently defended as the way of their normally accepted Middle Eastern culture.”

    Court documents show Olsen was fired three weeks after being hired. Farouk Systems denied the claims, and the case was dismissed in 2005.

  2. Farouk’s solution to border control – Grant every undocumented immigrant a US Citizenship who turns in a gang member. What a great idea – Really?

    With this high of stakes, what are chances that we would turn the country into a neighborhood watch society similar to
    • Gestapo in Nazi Germany
    • Stasi in East Germany
    • KGB in Soviet Union

    Stasi – The Ministry for State Security (East Germany) was widely regarded as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies in the world. When part-time informer adults were included, the figures reach approximately one spy per 6.5 citizens. What a Country!

    How many informants would be ‘outed’ for the exchange of money and/or protection?

    In other words, a society where the citizens are watching their neighbors and reporting them to special government agencies in order to gain personal favors.

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