The Candidates Are Working Hard For Your Vote

As the first day of  early voting got underway Tuesday,  political candidates sprinted across town to various polling locations to ask for your support.

Turnout seemed light and at some locations there were more candidates and campaign workers than actual primary voters.

2 On The Beat began the day at the Gray Multi-Service Center covering former Houston Mayor Bill White, who is now a candidate for Governor of  Texas.  After voting with his wife and daughter, White jumped on a plane to fly to the Rio Grande Valley. He planned to spend the day attending several “pachangas” – meeting and greeting people at campaign events.

The next stop was in Sunnyside where I caught up with former State Rep. Borris Miles and his wife.  They were shaking hands and asking people to support Miles in the race for Texas House District 146. 

Miles is once again facing State Representative Al Edwards to represent the district.

Miles says he is running because the district has been neglected and Edwards has been ineffective  and a pawn for the Republicans.

I also caught up with Sue Schechter who is running for Harris County Clerk. Sue is a former chair of the Harris County Democratic Party.

My last stop was at the Palm Center where I interviewed State Rep. Edwards. He stressed the importance of  his seniority in the House of Representatives and said he has a record of voting for legislation that helps the people of  his district.

Remember that early voting continues through February 26. 

Note to self: I’m going to have to catch up with some Republican candidates on the campaign trail.


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  1. Great job on this story, Mary!

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