Congresswoman SJL Endorsed by Ministers and Congressman Green

It  feels like a Sunday church service. 

This morning,  Houston ministers and a fiery Congressman Al Green (D-Houston) are throwing their support behind Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee  in the battle over the 18th Congressional District Democratic Party primary.

“We’re fighting together because that’s the only way you win a war,” said one of  the thirty-three ministers at the event.

Congressman Green delivered a passionate speech explaining why he believes the Congresswoman should be re-elected.  Stressing her seniority and ability to get things done for the district,  Congressman Green said,  “We need someone who will work with President Obama.  The best person to help us move forward is Sheila Jackson Lee.”

The ministers represent churches across the district and throughout the greater Houston area.

Congressman Green said he will record political radio spots and participate in campaign block walking to make sure that SJL is returned to congress.

Jackson Lee is running for a ninth term, but is facing one of her toughest political challenges this election. 

 City Council member Jarvis Johnson and Houston Attorney Sean Roberts are running against Jackson Lee in the democratic party primary.

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