Perry Campaign Releases New Ad – Calling Hutchison “The Queen”

Early voting is almost over and the March 2nd Primary is one week away. 

That isn’t stopping the Governor Rick Perry campaign from sharpening its attacks against Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

A new television ad criticizes Senator Hutchison for voting for taxpayer-funded earmarks.  (you can watch the ad below)

I have one question – if Senator Hutchison is such a horrible Senator and a big wasteful spender, why did Republicans AND Governor Perry keep voting to send her to Washington for the last 16 years?


Texans for Rick Perry releases new ad, “The Queen”

Texans for Rick Perry has released a new television ad, “The Queen,” which is airing statewide and is available online at

One Response

  1. The same question could be asked of Hutchison and turned the other way about Perry and the gubernatorial position.

    Hutchison had an air of inevitability to her for a long time, so she avoided any primary or general election challenges. That is now gone. Some grassroots activists pushed to have her blocked from attending convention because she openly did not support the party’s platform, but they were stymied by the establishment.

    Finally, someone exposed Hutchison. It took millions of wasted dollars to do so, but we’re right back where we were a year ago. Hutchison needs to resign and let a real, principled conservative take over.

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