Fiscally Conservative Club Announces its 2010 Republican Party Endorsements

(Houston, TX – February 24, 2010)  The R Club has announced its endorsements for the 2010 Republican Primary in Texas.

“We are proud as the R Club to make these endorsements,” stated Jonathan Newton, President of the R Club. “It is very important that in 2010 we select Republican Party candidates that are fiscally conservative.  And, for those judicial candidates we select, that they show judicial restraint and not political activism.  We believe the candidates we endorse fit our mold and will do well in November against Democrat challengers.”
The list of endorsements are as follows:

Attorney General, Greg Abbott
US Representative 10, Michael McCaul
US Representative 22, Pete Olson
State Representative Dist. 127, Dan Huberty
State Representative Dist. 133, Jim Murphy
State Representative Dist. 137, Sylvia Spivey
Justice Supreme Court Place 5, Jeff Brown
Justice Supreme Court Place 9, Eva Guzman
Justice 1st Court of Appeals, Place 8 (unexpired term), Michael Massengale
Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 9, Tracy Elizabeth Christopher
Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 2, Leslie Brock Yates
Justice 14th Court of Appeals, Place 5 (unexpired term), Martha Hill Jamison
District Judge, 157th District, Randy Wilson
District Judge, 180th District, Danny Dexter
District Judge, 228th District, Marc Carter
District Judge, 234th District, Reece Rondon
District Judge, 245th District, Roy L. Moore
District Judge, 281st District, Sylvia Matthews
District Judge, 295th District, Caroline Baker
District Judge, 308th District, Alice O’Neill
District Judge, 313th District, Fred Wilson
County Judge, Ed Emmett
** County Tax Assessor-Collector, Leo Vasquez
Justice of the Peace Pct. 5, Place 2, George Huntoon
County Civil Court at Law No. 1, Jack Cagle
County Civil Court at Law No. 2, Jacqueline Lucci Smith
County Criminal Court No. 1, Paula Goodhart
County Criminal Court No. 8, Jay Karahan
County Criminal Court No. 13, Rachel Ann Palmer
City Council, Sugarland, Jacqueline Baly Chaumette
About the R Club

The R Club was founded in 1995 to provide a forum for the next generation of Houston conservatives to actively engage in local and state politics.  Our collective goal is as simple as the straightforward philosophy we share: to help find positive solutions to the issues we face as a community by promoting the conservative principles of personal and fiscal responsibility in public service.
In order to pursue this goal, R Club members are active in a wide variety of civic, charitable, professional, and political organizations.  R Club members have also become elected officials and judicial officers on the state and local level.  All R Club members are committed to being informed on the issues and taking individual and collective responsibility for promoting a conservative agenda in Houston and the State of Texas.
Each member of the R Club is committed to using his or her talents, time, money, as well as other available resources, to promote the conservative principles of personal and fiscal responsibility in public service.
We work to achieve this by our joint efforts to:

  • Facilitate the awareness of issues
  • Encourage public service among our peers
  • Affect the outcomes of political campaigns and appointments

In short, we want to do our part to help build a better Houston and Texas.


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