Bill White Ready For General Election

March 2, 2010

With Texans united, Bill White looks to November

Candidate pledges to serve Texans of all political viewpoints
HOUSTON — Tonight, in front of hundreds of supporters gathered in Houston, White addressed Texans of both parties and emphasized Texas’ future. 

White was introduced by his children, with his daughter Elena expressing gratitude, “Our family has been blessed by you, and the thousands who have joined you in volunteering, making phone calls, emailing, giving your time and giving financially.”

White began by saying, “Today Texans sent a message to the entrenched interests in Austin: Texans are ready for a new governor.”

He invited Texans from all political viewpoints to join his team, saying he would be a governor who would serve all Texans – urban, rural, Democratic, Republican and Independent – with integrity and a non-partisan spirit.

“We invite those who supported other candidates to join our team, which consists of citizens from all backgrounds and both parties. We are committed to honest, competent, decentralized and accountable government. We believe that more unites than divides Texans,” White said.

White predicted political posturing and a divisive approach from his opponent, giving several examples.

“We understand that those in power will do anything to avoid having to compete in the private sector… Rick Perry and his consultants and insiders will try to hide the growth in state spending in Austin by attacking the growth in government in Washington.” White said. 
“Rick Perry and his consultants will complain of strings attached to federal funds, though year after year those in Austin have imposed requirements and unfunded mandates on Texas’ local school districts, cities and counties,” he continued.

“Texans understand your game of divide and conquer. Don’t try to claim some monopoly on Texas values. It is time we move our state forward.”

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