State Rep. Alvarado Blast State Board of Education

State Representative Carol Alvarado Disappointed by Texas State Board of Education’s Proposed Social Studies Curriculum Standards

 HOUSTON// State Representative Carol Alvarado expressed her disappointment today over the proposed curriculum standards approved during the public hearings of the Texas State Board of Education. “These proposed standards have not only failed to adequately recognize the achievements of minorities in Texas’ history, but have also allowed for ideology and religion to dominate the decisions and not historical facts or educational relevance. From the decision to reject efforts to specifically mention Tejanos as among the fallen heroes of the Alamo, to the choice to exclude Thomas Jefferson from a list of enlightenment thinkers that influenced revolutions, politics improperly forced itself into our children’s education,” said Alvarado. “They are re-writing history with a politically charged pen and it is disgraceful.” The proposed standards were approved by a 10-5 vote and will be available for public comment for 30 days before coming up for a final vote in May.

If finally approved, the new social studies curriculum will go into effect in the 2011-12 school year and could likely stay in place for at least a decade. Along with the 4.6 million school children in Texas, these changes to the curriculum would likely also impact children across the country, due to the fact that Texas is the largest textbook buyer in the nation, often influencing the content of textbooks nationwide.

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